• Health Certificate for Exports and Imports (ITP)
• Certificate of Fishing Quality Products for Exports and Imports
• Certificate of Quality for National Consumption
• Certificate for National Program of Food Assistance – PRONAA
• Certificate of Pre-shipment and Shipment in Fish Meal
• Certificate of Weight

Inspections and supervisions:
• Boarding Supervision
• Inspection and Lots Sampling
• Dispatch Control
• Inspection and Disinfection of Containers and Storage
• Fumigation Freight
• Validation of Critic Items
• Verification of HACCP in Fishing Buildings
• Sanitary Health Inspection
• Control in Production Line
• Verification of Nets
• Verification of Cool System
Analysis Laboratory:
• Microbiological and Chemical Analysis
• Analysis of Effluent and CMR
• Analysis of Marine Body Recipient
• Analysis of Phytoplankton and Biotoxinas
• Analysis of Heavy Metals
• Analysis of Virus: Hepatitis A, Norovirus I and II
• Analysis of Pesticides
• Analysis of Dioxins, Furans, PCBs, Hydrocarbon, Melanin
• Analysis of Malachite Green and Chloramphenicol

Bivalve Molluscs Monitoring along the Peruvian Coast:
• Inspection and Sampling
• Microbiological Analysis, Marine Biotoxin, Phytoplankton, Hepatitis A, Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutant
• Oceanographic Parameters
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