Food Industry
• Proximal Chemical Composition
• Detection and Quantification of bacteria, mould and yeast
• Vitamins and other nutrients
• Metal trace in food
• Direct and Indirect Additives Analysis: Nitrite, Bromated and Metabisulphite
• Fat Acid Composition (omega 3, 6, 9) Trans Fat Acids and Cholesterol (animal product)
• Stimulant Analysis
• Natural and Artificial Coloring (Determination of Asta color)
• Natural Toxins: Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, etc
• Sensorial Evaluation
• Physical Tests: pH, viscosity, granulometry, grades, Baumé, impurities.
• Tests of Trading Sterilization of canned foods.

Furthermore, we offer:
Inspection services and sampling of products in: Food processed building, warehouses, suppliers, Boarding marine, containers, silos, others.

Boarding Supervision Service:
Weight control, Tally, Sampling and Stowage Factor

Fumigation and Environmental Sanitation:
Fumigation of products in silo, containers, storage, under surface and other.

Environmental Sanitation of Industrial, Commercial and services buildings:
Disinfection, Disinfestations & Rat exterminating, environment cleaning, cleaning & disinfection of water reservoir, cleaning of septic tank.

Other services:
Analysis of residue from chlorinated organic pesticides and phosphorous, Biodegradability Test and Nutritional label elaboration.
Proceedings in DIGESA for Health Registration, environmental control evaluation of process areas, handlers and food storage.
Microbiological quality of polyethylene material, detection of genetically modified organism (PCR in real time)
Social programs
• Physic Sensorial, Physicochemical and Microbiological Analysis.
• Determination of Micronutrients
• Approval Test in situ
• Weight Control
• Sanitary Health Inspection of Storage and Buildings
• Technical Productive Inspection Building
• Determination of Capacity Installment of Building
• Determination of Real Capacity Production
• Container Security
• Container Safety
• Supervision of Production
• Verification of Formulation
• Inspection and Stock Verification
• Certification of Origin Verification
• Verification of HACCP Application System
• Verification of Building and Warehouse Infrastructure
• Others

The activities of our services are supported in:
• Testing report
• Technical report
• Analysis protocol
• Certificate of Conformity Product
• Nutritional Certificate
• Reporting Certificate
• Certificate of Building Capacity
• Certificate of Weight and Tally
• Fumigation Certificate
• Others
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